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Polyacrylamide series

  Polyacrylamide is a water-soluble high polymer with flocculation, filtration aid, thickening, stable colloid, drag reduction, rheological regulation, bonding film formation and gelation. Products are widely used in the petroleum industry, washing, washing, paper, textile, sugar, food processing and water treatment industries. 
     The company now produces non-, yin, cationic and other molecular powders of different molecular weights, ranging from 10 to 24 million, and can provide related products according to user needs. The drinking water grade polyacrylamide developed is used in the water supply industry, food processing and biochemical departments to meet the user's requirements. 
    Water-soluble polymers or polyelectrolytes that adsorb suspended solids in water and cause them to "bridge" to form large floes. It accelerates the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, and has the effect of speeding up the clarification of the solution and promoting filtration. 
  Technical index:

White fine sand particles
White fine sand particles
Molecular weight (x10 4 )
Solid content %
Dissolution speed min
Degree of anion %
Free monomer (AM)%

Note: 1. Degree of anion can also be produced according to user needs. 
2, colloidal product Appearance is colorless transparent viscous liquid 
polyacrylamide series products in the aqueous system for flocculation, filtration, thickening, stable colloid, drag reduction, rheology regulation, bonding film and gel And so on, so there are a wide range of uses in industrial production: 
1, as a flocculant for industrial wastewater, waste liquid treatment, washing and washing coal, white water recycling in paper industry, chemical solid-liquid separation and water treatment in the water industry. 
2. Oilfield and geological exploration departments are used as additives for drilling mud materials, and also used as oilfield pressure fluids to reduce water injection and improve oil recovery. 
3. It is used for textile sizing agent. The performance of the slurry is stable, the pulp is less, the fabric break rate is low, and the cloth surface is smooth. 
4, used in the paper industry, can improve the dry and wet strength of paper, improve the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers. 
5. Other industries, such as clarifying agents for sugar and food processing industries; synthetic resin coatings; water blocking for civil grouting materials; soil gelling agents and mud stabilizers. 
  Instructions for use: 
Before use, determine the appropriate type, molecular weight range and dosage. 
1. Make polyacrylamide series products into 0.1% aqueous solution, and use neutral salt-free water. 
2. When dissolving, spread the polyacrylamide evenly into the stirred water. The stirring speed is controlled at 100-300r/min, and the proper heating (≤60°C) can accelerate the dissolution. 
3. Adjust the pH value of the treated liquid to fully exert its effect, and select the optimum pH value and polyacrylamide dosage through experiments. 
4. When adding polyacrylamide solution, it should accelerate the mixing with the treated liquid, and find that after flocculation, slow the stirring speed to facilitate the growth of floc and rapid sedimentation.
5. When used as a flocculant, it can be mixed with inorganic flocculant to exert its own effects. 
  Packing and storage: 
Polypropylene woven bags lined with plastic bags; colloidal products are packed in polyethylene large-mouth plastic drums. 
Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, keep away from humidity and rain, and do not be exposed in the air.