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Cationic polyacrylamide

Water-soluble polymer polyelectrolyte with a positively charged active gene. In addition to the adsorption bridging effect, this product can also flocculate suspended colloidal particles by charge neutralization. 
 Technical index:

White fine sand particles
Viscosity (1% aqueous solution) mpa.s
Solid content %
Cation degree %
Dissolution speed min
≤ 60
Relative molecular weight
Cationic degree W (unit:%)
Solid content (unit:%)
Acrylamide monomer content (kg) (unit:%)
Dissolution time (1g/L) (unit: min)
Water insoluble matter (unit:%)
Screen residue (1.4mm screen) (unit:%)
Screen residue (180 μ m screen) (unit:%)
Perovskite (SO4) content (in g)
Chloride (C1) content (in g)?

1, used for flocculation and sedimentation of suspended solids in water suspension, especially suitable for flocculation and precipitation when organic suspensions are contained in acidic and acidic. 
2. The sludge is concentrated and dewatered in the sewage treatment plant, and the sludge with a water content of 98% can be flocculated and filtered to obtain a filter cake with a water content of about 70% and a recovery rate of 99.9%. 
3, chemical, paper, coal washing, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, electroplating, titanium dioxide and other wastewater treatment with this product, can strengthen solid-liquid separation, and obtain good results. 
4, It is used for rapid flocculation and sedimentation of high turbidity wastewater and direct filtration of low turbidity wastewater, which has low cost and superior performance. 
5, used in oil exploitation, can improve oil recovery, can also be used in acidification, pressure fluid. 

  Packing and storage: 
    Polypropylene woven bags lined with plastic bag.
    Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, keep away from humidity and rain, and do not be exposed in the air.